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Stewart Technology Associates (STA) is an engineering consultancy specializing in marine and offshore structures, fluid dynamics and many other diverse services and systems. STA offers a wide range of engineering software. STA and Aryatech now develop and market the below Softwares which can be modified for client specific requirements.

STA Jackload

This Software is used to analyse the afloat stability of the Jack up rig a given time. This is the onboard stability software developed especially for Jack up rigs. The 8 load cases of the Jack up Rigs are simulated by using the software.

Below is the installed list of the STA Jackup Rigs we have worked.

Virtue 1/Discovery Drilling PTE Ltd.

Discovery 1/Discovery Drilling PTE Ltd.

Dynamic Vision/Vision Drilling Pte Ltd

Victory Driller/Victory Drilling Pte Ltd

Troll Solution/North Sea Drilling Group

Andre Danos/Bollinger Shipyard, Inc. Reading & Bates/Amoco

STA Crane Barge

The program may simply be used for assessing and storing barge hydrostatics and stability for any load case. However, it is intended to do this while simultaneously investigating lift case scenarios where the crane limits are also determined. The barge hydrostatics characteristics are pre-defined and re-computed every time any data item is edited. The program provides the immediate values for the vessel total displacement, draft (and freeboard) heel, and trim. Large angle properties are also available showing various stability margins.

STA Jack Up Rig Manager

This software has been developed to run on board offshore floating drilling jack up rigs. Its purpose is to minimize weather downtime and minimize the probability of riser key-seating damage. RIGMAN is an amalgamation of mooring analysis coupled with dynamic riser analysis. It is easy to use with simple pointing and clicking of a mouse. The offshore user has to put in very few variables since the complete mooring array and riser model is built for him onshore.

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